The Neschume, gifted at magic, frail in body. They hold the power to have the strongest of magics. And are quite skilled with mana from the day they are born. Many of them choosing to be scholars, or teachers, want to increase there knowledge on the never ending realm of magic. Or to share what they know with others. On the downside, they are often quite sickly. Which, more often than not ties them down to where they are born, and cant go exploring. But for some there is an exception. As there is with every other thing in life, some things 'impossible' just might be possible.


The Neschume are completely human in appearance, except for the fact that they are on average, about four and a half feet tall. Another oddity, is the coloring of their hair, appearing in odd colors such as blue, green, purple, white, and silver. And their eye lack pupils, or if they do have one, its a mere slit in their multicolored irises. The Iris of there eye never staying a constant color, rather changing depending on their mood, the spell they are casting, or even just the people around them. Also, on there body, thier birthmark is in the shape of an elemental sign, or crest which dictates what type of spell they will be able to use easiest. They also remain quite childish in appearance their entire lives.